Host a House Concert with Ben

Ben is one of the top artists to see in a house concert setting. His songs are great, the storytelling is awesome and often funny, he writes and sings great original songs. Ben has the unique gift of reaching people on multiple levels. Hosting a house concert a great balance between a meaningful concert experience and a super entertaining show!

Here are some things to consider for hosting a house concert:

  • A typical concert is two 45 minute sets with a short intermission.
  • Ben usually performs solo or with a back up singer and upright bassist
  • All you need is a minimum of 25 friends or friendly strangers
  • Suggested minimum donation of $20.00 each or flat fee
  • You need a suitable room in your house that can accommodate an audience: chairs, couches, pillows

The rest is up to you! Some people make a potluck, byob or offer their own provisions.

If you have pets or children let them run free unless its distracting to the audience or they are so cute no one pays attention to the performance, in that case, lock them up or put them outside!

A few special requests: no artificial air fresheners, incense, scented candles or smoke of any kind for the duration of the evening and vacuuming up any animal hair ahead of time would be very appreciated.

Now you are ready to host a concert! Email

Ben Sures is the perfect house concert performer – he’s witty, and funny, plays and sings really well and doesn’t take up a lot of room. – Pat Buckna, Powell River.

We have enjoyed 2 house concerts with Ben and would love to have another. His songs, his musicality and his connection with the audience–all combine to make the shows a treat. – Frank Loreto, Hamilton host

Totally worth going to, talent and entertaining all in one guy. – Sheryl Messer Graham audience

What a night! Sunday’s concert was packed and we all had such a great time with the engaging, lively, incredible musician, Ben. I heard people say they were moved to tears while also feeling great joy from the stories and songs Ben shared. Lots of laughter was heard and we also found ourselves getting out of our chairs and singing, clapping or snapping our fingers to many of Ben’s creative songs. – Susan Bevan host Kamloops

After Karen Savoca’s stellar performance, we all thought it’s a tough one to follow. And then you showed up. With Lindsay Woolgar! What a team. We were entertained in the truest sense, charmed by the two of you, and blown away by your music. Luckily, we have enough CDs to stock the living room and car! We love our T-shirts and luckily the kids have not tried to wear their to school ūüėČ – Dorothea Vogel host Victoria

Thank you Ben Sures for a wonderfully entertaining evening last night. You sang some funny songs, some thought provoking songs, amazed us with your guitar skills and you even goaded us into singing along and we loved it all. РRuth O’Doherty, Kelowna Folk Club

Everyone in the audience at¬†Ben‘s London (UK) house concert said it was a great night – great songs and guitar-playing, and lots of laughter from his stories – he made an atmosphere full of energy and fun. He’s a great performer. – Rebecca Hollweg London, UK

We (will) have had¬†Ben¬†Sures play in our living room (PH8) twice and hope it can become an annual event.¬†¬†Ben‘s songs are so witty and entertaining and the¬†melodies are so catchy that even guests who have never seen or heard¬†Ben¬†before¬†leave PH8 raving about him.¬†¬†Ben¬†has a knack for getting everyone involved and¬†having fun.¬† A¬†Ben¬†Sures house concert is a house full of joy and laughter. – Lee Fraser, Toronto House Concert Host

I have hosted Ben Sures alone and with friends three times. Ben is a lovely, funny and entertaining performer, sweet guy, keeps my guests engaged and singing, and is a super nice house guest to boot. It’s not easy getting out to Protection Island, but he is very accommodating and will climb into a smallish boat, then a golf cart to get where he needs to be. We love Ben Sures on Protection Island.
Moira, Host Protection Island