guitars, amps and tunings

Ben Sures plays acoustic, electric and slide guitar. Occasional open tunings,  D, G, D minor, one tuning is all normal except the A is dropped down to G (this is the tuning for the standard show closer ‘Maybe’ from the Good Bye Pretty Girl Album.

Ben plays


Ben plays a 1972 Martin D 28 formerly owned by Canadian folk icon Duck Donald who let Sures sneak into his shows when he was 15 years old at The Magpie and Stump in Winnipeg.

This guitar can be heard on ‘Gone to Bolivia’ and ‘Field Guide to Loneliness’ as well as on Angie Nussey’s ‘Little Tragedies’

1986 RF model Sawchyn Guitar which was Ben’s main guitar for many years and now resides in Toronto. He records with this guitar and tours with it in Ontario, further east and overseas.

1945 Dobro that was his father’s mostly stays in the case nowadays but makes occasional appearances on recordings.

1964 Fender Musicmaster, this is Sures main blues guitar, Son of Trouble Guitar and electric trio guitar.

1978 Fender Musicmaster with an added Mustang bridge and whammy bar, this also resides in Toronto and is used for eastern gigs with full band. 1990s Japanese Telecaster with Bigsby and Lindy Fralin pickups, this is the main guitar Sures uses when accompanying singer songwriters. The guitar features prominently on the Angie Nussey recording ‘Little Tragedies’.

Michael Berg Gypsy Jazz Guitar Cedar Top with a 20.00 lipstick Tube Pickup in the soundhole. This guitar can be heard on the song ‘Not on the Town’ from the Field Guide To Loneliness album and it is Ben’s main guitar with “The Dead Stringers”. This is supposedly the last guitar Michael Berg ever built.


Swart Atomic Space Tone is the main performing amp

In Toronto for an amp Ben uses the guts of a Princeton inside a Tony Texeira cabinet, this amp is owned by Ayron Mortley. it gives Ben a tone similar to one of his favourite guitar players, Ernest Ranglin.

Harmony H193 main practice amp, solo gig amp and occasional studio amp