latest stuff!

in the last two years Ben released ‘Live at The Yardbird Suite’ and ‘Poema Poematis’. He has just finished recording with electronic music artist Brava Kilo in Toronto where they electrified three of Ben’s songs -Boring People, Beirut, Beirut and The only thing that saves you (can you guess what that is?).

So what’s coming up? A bunch of shows west through the end of May into early June, a number of Edmonton gigs after that and then a fun festival season. Northern Lights Festival Boreale in Sudbury as well as a book launch in Serpent River First Nation the one time home of Leo Day, from The Boy Who Walked Backwards, which has been distributed to 57 First Nation Schools in Manitoba and is making its way into book stores, libraries and schools across the country. Some guitar playing on a recording by retired architect and rising songwriting star Walter Moffat in Toronto, then back home for acpuple weeks and off to Vancouver Island fro The Duncan Islands Folk Festival, The Filberg Festival in Comox and a few other island shows. From there its a quick flight back to Edmonton then jumping in the car to Manitoba and the Trout Forest Festival in Ear Falls, Ontario followed by some gigs home through Manitoba and Saskatchewan.