Ben Sures heads to the Park By Leah Germain, Sherwood Park News

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Singer songwriter Ben Sures has one less thing to check off his bucket list.

The Edmonton-based artist, who is know for his folk roots, will be launching his latest blues album in Sherwood Park Friday, Sept. 13 and, according to Sures, it is unlike anything he has done before.

“This is CD No. six,” he said. “This is kind of a bucket list CD for me. I am a folk-roots singer songwriter. That is who I am, that’s my thing, but I have always played guitar with other people, on people’s recordings. Years ago, I played a lot of blues.”

The new album, Son of Trouble, was produced in just three days with Sures and co-producer Don Kerr mixing the record and back-up coming from Paul Reddick on harmonica, Brian Kobayakawa on Bass and Ken Whiteley on piano.

“I’ve always wanted, in the back of my mind, to do a few things,” Sures added. “I wanted to make a blues record that melded more of my guitar playing and my quirky song writing style with my other skills.

“I also wanted to sing in Spanish and French. I wanted to record some African blues.”

“It’s a bit out of character, although it totally still sounds like me.”

Sures credits the passing of time and experience for the evolution of his guitar style.

“For me, I have always listened to a lot of different roots music and I was really fixated on a few artists over the years, at least when I was younger. After a while, you stop hearing music in the context of styles. You start hearing it in terms of ‘oh, that is really well-played’ or ‘that’s a great melody.’

“Over time I stopped hearing things in terms of style of music, I would heard it in terms of melody, good pauses, a sound or tone of an instrument.

“From that, it made it easier for me to apply my musical approach to different styles of music.”

According to Sures, the album is different because he didn’t overthink it and let the music happen naturally.

“It’s pretty raw. In a way, I think it has some of the elements of the music that I love from 100 years ago.

“When you are 15, it is all about what you look like, who you listen to and what they look like,” he added. “You want to belong to something. Then over time, one thing that comes with age is humility. Rather than reaching these superficial ideals you have at 15, like becoming a rock star, you experience real life and humility.”

The album launch party will be held at Festival Place.


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