Ben Sures is a songwriter, singer and performer.He plays guitar and a very few chords on the mandolin. As well as his own music he accompanies other artists, performs in a group called The Dead Stringers and from time to time under the name 'Son of Trouble'.

It’s finally here – The Boy Who Walked Backwards was written by Ben Sures, illustrated by Nicole Marie Burton and published by the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. Order your copy here!

The Boy Who Walked Backwards is a moving story about a young Ojibway boy Leo and his family in Serpent River First Nation. Leo’s life turns to darkness when forced to attend residential school. Back home for Christmas, Leo uses inspiration from an Ojibway childhood game to deal with his struggles.

The book is written by Ben Sures and illustrated by Nicole Marie Burton. Sures has spent much of his adult life as a touring and recording singer and songwriter. He has nine full-length albums that have garnered awards. CBC listeners know him for work on numerous programs including, most recently, The Irrelevant Show.

The songs Sures writes for adults have a childlike quality, so it makes sense he’s now written a book for children. The Boy Who Walked Backwards was originally conceived as song, but Sures thought it would also work as a storybook. He wanted children to know the story of Leo Day.

The Boy Who Walked Backwards is his first published work. It has laid the groundwork for more stories, maybe even more Leo stories. Sures envisions further story heroes who triumph using nothing more than what they are born with—instincts and wits.

Order your copy of the book through the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre by clicking here.

OMG New Stuff ?!

Some exciting things here and on the horizon, including a children’s book, two new live albums, songwriting contest win, summer festivals and the long awaited teacher and kid friendly version of ‘Everybody Matters’.

Poema Poematis

Poema Poematis is a live album featuring horns and strings with arrangements by Audrey Ochoa. The official worldwide release is June 17, 2018 at The Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival in Beaumont, Alberta. We are holding off on the Jupiter and Mars releases til we see how the album does on this planet.You can read more about the album on the discography page.


Live at The Yardbird Suite

Live at The Yardbird Suite with Stephanie Suchy, The Bombadils and Joe Phillips

The second live album is from the same concert only it features the strings including Canadian Folk Music award winners  Luke and Sarah from The Bombadils , Joe Phillips on bass and my long time singer and percussionist Stephanie Suchy and special guest PJ Perry. This album will be released in the spring of 2019.



The Boy Who Walked Backwards

Next Fall will see the release of ‘The boy who walked backwards’ a children’s story interpretation loosely based on the song of the same name. The illustrated book will be published by The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource.



Summer Festivals

Three great summer festivals lined up so far are Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival June 17, 2018 The Kingsville Folk Festival August 10-12 in Kingsville, Ontario and Harvest Sun August 17, 18  in Kelwood, Manitoba. Manitoba and Ontario are return visits. If you would like to host a house or yard concert close to these dates in any of these areas email

Ben Karaoke and song contest win

For years teachers and parents have been asking me for a kid friendly version of my song ‘Everybody Matters'(Gone to Bolivia album). With the help of producer and Communism band leader Don Kerr we have recorded not only a kid friendly version of this song but there is also another version on the same page where you can sing your own made up verses.

click here:

the update to this story is that the song is a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting contest and is in the top 4 out of thousands of submissions

UK tour

Doing some dates in the UK in May, please check the shows page for those and other performances.

House Concert testimonials and tips

there is a new page on this website in case you are interested in hosting house concert there are some testimonials and tips.