Ben Sures is a Singer Songwriter based in Edmonton, Canada. He is  great guitar player, singer and songwriter. Ben’s live shows are some of the best you will see , funny stories verging on comedy, awesome playing and interplay between his mostly acoustic musicians and they will be carried on the best kind of emotional rollercoaster, you laugh going up, cry coming down , you go slow and deep and then things speed back up, you get to laugh again and leave the concert feeling really really good. The songs are melody driven, catchy and full of ideas, from the fan favourite ‘Boring People’ to Used to Have a Raygun and the John Lennon Songwriting contest winner, ‘Any Precious Girl.’ The music is interesting, fun to listen to and easy to remember.

He is the kind of songwriter that reaches the audience in a refreshing way.

Ben Sures is by far one of my favourite songwriters, hands down!
Caroline Brooks-The Good Lovelies